Here's What Families Have to Say About Our Classes:


Singing, dancing, and laughing with my son in Lori's class is always a highlight of our week!  Music Together® is a great way to connect with your child, meet other parents, and have some fun!  

Laura C.

My children were exposed to lots of high quality music in different styles, and had a great time during classes!

Emily G.

Lori was a rock star to the toddlers in her class!  Lori encouraged all of the students and caregivers to participate in her classes in whatever way they felt comfortable.  We loved the songs we learned in class and appreciated that we got 2 copies of the CD (for car and home) to enjoy as a family outside of class.

Jessica D.

I made friendships in Lori's Music Together class that are still going strong almost 6 years later!

Liz M.

I personally believe the class aided in my daughter's speech development.  It is amazing to see how quickly your child develops in just a few sessions!  

Cheryl D.

Lori is a very skilled and talented teacher and musician.  It has been wonderful to watch my child's musicality develop, as well as his interest and pleasure in music.  We look forward to Music Together day all week.

a Music Together parent

All three of my children have been in one of Lori's classes, and they have each had a great time.  The older kids beg to be able to come to class with their younger sister, because they want to be with Ms. Lori.  I'd highly recommend Lori and her Music Together class; no one can compare.

Jen C.

Lori really connects with each child and meets each one where they are.  Our one-year-old got so much out of the experience because of Lori's encouragement and facilitation.  Even after classes end, our daughter engages when we put the CDs on and, in fact, finds ways of telling us she wants us to put her Music Together music on. Thanks, Lori, for helping us develop our daughter's (and our) love of music and dancing.

Ricky G.

Because of Music Together, our kids are constantly singing, exploring, and experimenting with sound, and have become true music lovers. Lori has been not just a music teacher but a friend, and our kids look forward to the opportunity to come to music each week!

Tiffany & Brad C.

The Music Together program has been a wonderful experience for us as we sing, dance, play instruments, and learn musical concepts in a fun and friendly environment.  We have tried other popular music classes, but always come back to Music Together for the quality of music, loads of fun, and our wonderful teacher, Lori!

Melissa H.

"I can't tell you in enough words how this music has enhanced our lives!  It's definitely building a foundation for my child." 
Vicki D.

Lori is truly an expert at keeping young children engaged and excited about music.

Jaclyn C.