frequently asked questions

Can I enroll my 1-year-old and my 4-year-old in the same class?

Yes!  Music Together® deliberately offers mixed-age classes so that families can bond while enjoying class together.  The younger children benefit from seeing what the older children can do, and the older children are able to arrive at a new level of mastery and confidence by serving as role models for the younger children.

 What is a good age at which to begin Music Together?

We believe it is never too early to begin making music with your child!  An infant becomes musical in much the same way he or she learns to walk or talk: by being exposed to music, surrounded by it, immersed in it.   Don't worry, though, if your child is older and hasn't had music classes yet.  It's never too late to begin providing him or her with the joy of music-making.  

Will I be expected to sing and dance?

 No one will be expected to do anything he or she is not comfortable with.  However, evidence shows that the participation of parents/caregivers (regardless of their musical ability) is crucial to a child's musical growth. You are the best model for your young child!  And you just might find yourself having more fun than you expected when you relax and throw yourself into the class.  

Does my child need to sit in the circle for the entire class?

No.  Your child is free to move around the room.  We hope that while you keep one eye on your child and his/her safety, you will continue to participate in the class and model for your child.  Many children go home and sing all the songs, even though it may have seemed during class that they were more interested in investigating the classroom, or practicing their new crawling skills.  On the other hand, if you do happen to have a child who wants to sit in your lap the entire time, this is also fine.  All children are different, and the same child may even be different at different ages/stages of development.  We do ask, though, for everyone's safety, that there be no running unless we are all running as part of an activity.